decoration of bottles of cava

It is well known that the spirits and art have always gone hand in hand, to the extent that the design of bottles or labels immediately identifies brand specific wine or champagne.

But decorating them is not so common, although some brands have implemented it lately.

Josep Cárceles is breaking new ground in these moments, thanks to the business proposal a representative of Catalan wines and cavas in California right now is working hard in the unique decoration of bottles of cava. This decoration is doing under an sculptural optics taking the shape of the bottle of cava Magnum. The artist proceeds to decorate with materials such as silica sand, pumice sand, oxides and acids, enamels and acrylics – these one are he boldest-. the sinuous and slender bottle of champagne barrel is attached to the neck by a half cone and funnel-shaped bottom.

Innovative, stylish, daring, spectacular and avant-garde decoration, as bubbly as champagne that must identify the feast for the senses which means taste so precious drink with perfect alchemy: brightness, flash, murmur of bubbles evolve to the surface, and that ply the golden, translucent pink or nectars.

Bottles of champagne, duly certified and accompanied by a bottle of cava "golden", duly signed by the sculptor.

Regarding the artistic field, Josep Cárceles faces the difficulty of a peculiar "figure" of glass, in which the suggestion is the added value; manipulated reality harmonious and sensible manner, and with mystery, and must also identify modernity made bubbles: cava, a wine of character, aromatic and bubbly. Wine of kings and emperors, but also uncorked by the winners on the podium or the exquisite end of an unforgettable night.

Marta Teixidó - Art critic